About Me

Eleanor Tayam is a graduate of University of Houston - Victoria with a Bachelor's of Applied Arts & Sciences in Digital Gaming and Simulation. She is a 3D Animator, Modeler, and Creative Writer.

She was born in Houston, Texas to two very loving and conservative Filipino parents. From an early age, nursing was a hesitant option despite her almost deathly fear of needles. Fortunately, video games, books, and other imagination-provoking entertainment became prevalent. She gets her inspiration from books (mostly fantasy), fellow artists and friends (online, IRL, etc), and the original creations that her mind has formed since she began wielding her imagination. Eleanor's experience is a result of her time as a ballet dancer for 15 years and the wierd way she can visualize things in her mind's eye as objects in 3D space.
At the moment, she has taken interest in various non-digital crafts such as sewing and is trying to teach herself how to speed read. Eleanor loves her two chihuahuas that steal her socks and on a cold day, you'll find her curled up in bed with a good book and a warm blanket.

Currently, Eleanor is a technology teacher at a private all-girls Catholic high school.

Contact info:
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